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Mon Jan 27 18:06:51 EST 2003

At 11:23 AM 1/27/2003 +0000, Philip Belben wrote:

> > BTW, do you have an idea of how to fit in DWJ: An
> > Exact and Exciting Wisdom on the bibliography page?
>Duh... what's "DWJ: An Exact and Exciting Wisdom"?
>Possibly a typo for "An Exciting and Exacting Wisdom" :-)

*blush*  Good thing I didn't put it in the Wikipedia.  I mentally
think of it as "the little green book with the essays" and can
generally never find it when I want to refer to it.  Same with
Witch's Business, which is bad as it's a library book.

I'm going to have to dive into the archives to find some of the
more interesting bits of info, such as the translation of the Greek
at the end of The Ogre Downstairs.  Does anyone want to deal
with the cuts/edits/censorship in Cart and Cwidder, The Ogre
Downstairs, and Deep Secret.  (Were there any others?)  I think
it's something that should go into the Wikipedia, but I'm not the
one who exhaustively went through the books to mark all the
changes :)


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