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Ian asked...
> OK. As someone who's an inveterate completist . . . what is it about
> the early Discworld novels that makes them "skippable" or unworthy of
> recommendation?

They're not, IMO, particularly well written.  Also, Pratchett hadn't yet got
into his Discworld stride and was still, so to speak, messing about with the
plasticene to see what he'd get.  He didn't really settle down till...well,
opinions vary.  I'd say about "Wyrd Sisters".

At any rate, I wouldn't necessarily say "Never ever buy early Pratchetts".
I *would* say "Don't *start* with the early ones because you are very likely
to be put off by them.  Start with something later and if you get hooked,
buy the early ones to complete your set (and then read them once and then
leave them on the shelf forever more. :-) )"


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