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Mon Jan 27 15:01:40 EST 2003

--- Abe Gross <argross at bigpond.net.au> wrote:
 > _White Apples_ by Jonathan Carroll. People either
> love or hate Carroll. I
> hate it when he writes horror, but enjoy most of his
> stuff. This is vintage
> Carroll, except this time, he has an upbeat ending;
> for once, things feel
> resolved and whole and "right" in the end in a
> Carroll book.

And it's supposed to be a trilogy!  The first book
about the man, the second about the woman, the third
about their child.  He's working on the second book
now.  I am happy about this as I loved _White Apples_.
> _Remake_ by Willis: loved the concept and the love
> story.

I liked _Remake_, but have always felt that it seems
very little like the rest of her stuff.  In fact, it
tends to remind me of Pat Cadigan's books more than
anything else.  Kind of strange.

> A last question to everyone in general (though of
> course, everyone feel free
> to comment on the above!): if you'd never read a
> single Pratchett, like me,
> what book would you start with?

I started with _Witches Abroad_, which is still one of
my all-time favorites.  Perfect for anyone who likes
warped and/or meta fairy tales.

I agree with Dorian and Melissa that _Reaper Man_
would be a good place to start, though I think _Soul
Music_ would also be a fine starting place, as it was
my long-time favorite in the Death series. (_Thief of
Time_ may supersede it, though.  I'll have to see upon
re-reading.  These are probably my favorite Discworld
books, period. I really like Susan, okay?)

I personally wouldn't start with any of the
Rincewind/Wizards books... And as for the City Watch,
while I really like some of these, especially as the
series progresses, I'd not be inclined to start there,
unless you really like the idea of comic police
stories more than you like the idea of stories about
Witches or Anthropomorphic Personifications.


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