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>Thanks for the book list - I garnered several new titles to look for 
>from your posting!
>>I was recommended _Make Lemonade_, by Virginia Euwer Wolff.  Not a 
>>new book, but possibly newly published over here.  Becca read that 
>>while I was reading _Corbenic_, and then insisted I read it too. 
>>Wonderful book (though probably not in the category of Books to 
>>Recommend to Teenage Boys Who Like Harry Potter!)
>Another book of hers that I really like is _The Mozart Season_. (No 
>fantasy elements, unless you count my ongoing fantasy of being a 
>competent musician which springs to life whenever I read it)

Thanks in return.  Becca was sure she'd heard of _The Mozart Season_, 
but neither of us had seen it in book shops.  I've now ordered it 
from Amazon.co.uk (a complicated and boring story of Amazon gift 
tokens for the kids, and Becca's exchanging part of hers with me - 
and now somehow ending up with my buying books she'll doubtless read 
first anyway. Typical).  I'm convinced that those types of fantasy 
prove True Youth - mine no longer run to being a tennis star during 
Wimbledon, or other more athletic fantasies, but otherwise remain as 
fantastic. ;-)

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