Cart and Cwidder missing text LONG

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My old puffin has the original text, which I lovingly typed out a while ago for the list,
but no glossary.
The only glossary I've got is the one at the back of the original paperback release of Crown of Dalemark. Is this the same as the one you've got, or does the glossary on the back of C&C refer to things only from that book, and not from all 4 of them?
If it does have new info, I'll have to go and buy it, which would make 3 copies of C&C on my shelf. I really wish they'd reprint the original text, as my much loved & much read puffin edition is in need of retirement, although it is still in one piece, which is more than I can say for my old puffin Power of Three.
I can cope with the odd US spelling, but cutting parts of the text, (or updating it as with the evil Ogre updated edition) is horrible.


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On Sat, 15 Jun 2002, Caleb W wrote:

> Interesting! I checked my Puffin copy, and it is happily intact. I
> don't mind a few minor changes here and there to smooth over
> discrepancies between books, but cutting out a whole long chunk is
> another matter altogether. I didn't notice any contradictions
> before. Is the current UK edition cut as well?

If the current UK edition is still the Oxford University Press edition
of 2001, then yes, it's cut. Which is not that surprising, seeing as
it's part of a uniform-edition "Dalemark Quartet" set.

What I'd like to know of those with earlier copies of Cart and Cwidder
is this: Did it always have that glossary at the back, or is that new?

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