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On Sat, 25 Jan 2003 17:35:58 +0000, hallieod at indigo.ie wrote:

>I have already mentioned _Thursday_, and Becca read _Summerland_, by 
>Michael Chabon, and said it's excellent.  It's next on my to-be-read 

_Summerland_ is wonderful.  I thought, upon reading _Kavalier and Clay_,
that Michael Chabon used to be One Of Us.  _Summerland_ convinced me that he
still is.  Funny that it's being marketed as a YA title, because the
complexity of the prose and the plot make it entirely suitable for adults.
It reminded me of another author whose name I have completely forgotten, as
it's really late and I've read three books in two and a half hours, which
will go a long way toward turning your brain into a kneaded eraser.  I'm
sure it will come to me.  Something about naming conventions and whimsy and
high faerie magic.

>[Note for Melissa: The Catherine Fishers don't seem to be available 
>in the States, which is a bit surprising, as I'd have thought most 
>authors who write spec. ficition for teenagers, and have won a few 
>awards, would be snapped up anywhere.  I'm not sure about the 
>availability though.]

They are indeed impossible to get here--at least in the conventional sense.
I can't even find them listed on the main Amazon site, just the UK one.  Can
you hear me grumbling?  Not only that, but Mahy's _Alchemy_ won't be
published here until April.  More grumbling.  Sometimes I get really annoyed
that a global economy can't keep up with the globalization of reading

It's also bugging me because I am truly stupid and have volunteered AGAIN to
judge a literary contest in two weeks.  At least this time I'm reading young
adult fiction, there are only about 20 books to read, and most of them are
very good.  (In fact, any daughter who is embarrassed by her mother, or any
mother who embarrasses her teenage daughter, might want to pick up _A Mother
To Embarrass Me_ by Carol Lynch Williams.  I laughed the whole way through.)
What's bugging me is that one of the eligible titles is published by a very
small press in Canada or some other remote wilderness (just kidding, my
Canadian friends) and unless I can find someone here with a copy, or am
willing to spend too much money, I won't be able to get it in time.  And
it's the only fantasy title in the lot:  _The Dollmage_, by Martine Bates
Leavitt.  She's written another trilogy before this, she's gotten excellent
reviews, and I've never read a single one of her books.  I may spend
birthday money on them, regardless of the award deadline.

The clock in the corner of my screen says that it's actually my birthday
now.  Yay me.  31 years old today.  A very nice person gave me _Coraline_ as
a present.  And I think my mother-in-law stuck a book into the unusually
heavy package she sent--unusual, that is, for something that feels like a
sweater.  It's not really a birthday unless you get books.

Melissa Proffitt

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