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>>  Everyone else may already know all about this, but until recently,
>>  I'd never heard of _Thursday_, by Catherine Storr - an old (1972)
>>  version of the Tam Lin story.  I really loved it - though Becca is
>>  finding it a bit annoyingly dated, and isn't really liking it all
>>  that much.  But those who like reading Tam Lin stories might be
>>  interested in keeping an eye out for it.
>Never heard of it.  You must lend me!

I'd already planned to. ;-)  (You thought you had a *choice*?)

>>  I couldn't read it all at the time, but I did notice your saying that
>>  _Red Shift_ was the only Tam Lin based story by a male author of
>>  which you knew.  Dorian mentioned Patrick Little's _The Hawthorn
>>  Tree_, which she said was another one, iirc.  (Still looking for it!)
>>  Maybe you could say whether I got that right, Dorian?
>Not a straight retelling, but uses the ideas, and quotes at least "Thomas
>the Rhymer" (possibly "Tam Lin" as well, but it's been so long since I've
>read it).  Basically, the story is that the kids are being taught these
>poems in school English class, and then the hero does something he shouldn't
>have up at the old hawthorn tree (and we all know who hawthorn trees belong
>to, don't we?!) and the fairies grab his girlfriend.  Our hero, with help
>from his English teacher and a local elderly lady with whom he is friendly,
>then has to do a Tam Lin to get her back.  Is a damn' good book, btw.

If elusive - or at least reasonably-priced copies are elusive.... 
What about Annie Dalton's _Out of the Ordinary_?


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