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On Fri, 24 Jan 2003, Kale wrote:
|As far as I can tell, it doesn't matter.  There doesn't seem to be a login
|mechanism.  I think when you access the page, it assigns you a user
|ID and puts a cookie on your computer.  About the only use of putting
|down a user name seems to be as a way of identifying your work on
|the Recent Changes page.  If you hover over your username in Recent
|Changes, you'll find it says ID # from IP Address.

That's right.  It also lets you set preferences on how you want the page
to look, but they're not major.

|>Read and improve my entry about Real People, folks!
|Yay.  Thanks for working on the Wikipedia, Paul.  I appreciate the
|reorganizing and formatting, and I like your approach to the short
|story collections.  BTW, do you have an idea of how to fit in DWJ: An
|Exact and Exciting Wisdom on the bibliography page?  I suppose
|it would go under Other.  Do you have more detail on exactly what
|she contributed to those journals(?)/anthologies?  I think the title
|of the stories and articles would be helpful.

We should also add a place for the bibliography from SATA, and for the
Travel Jinx.  Hmm. How to organize?

|In regards to Wilkin's Tooth/Wilkins' Tooth--and I'm so sorry I didn't
|double-check the title before I saved the page--Wikipedia does have
|directions for renaming/moving a page, but I don't think the DWJ
|Wikipedia has this option:
|Is there anything you can do, Deborah?

I'll try to look it up this weekend.

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