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Hallie said...
> No no, they'd have met - it just wouldn't have been as entertainingly
> awful a meeting for us!  But - surely she must have stopped further
> on the bridge than the little blue hatchback?  And this picture is
> doubly relevant isn't it - with Polly's having walked out on the
> bridge when she was so miserable.  You wouldn't catch me on that
> bridge!

::looks smug::  I've been on it.

I was in Bristol a few years ago, just for a day, and bewildered Patrick
(who used to live there) and his friend who was taking us around by
insisting on being taken to see Temple Meads Station, Clifton Downs, and the
suspension bridge - which I insisted on *walking* over (had to be let out of
the car on one side of the bridge, and picked up again on the other), and
was very disappointed to find that there is no longer a 2p toll for
pedestrians. :-)  Never found the graph paper office blocks and the maze
behind, though.  I have to go back to Bristol.  It's a cool city.

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