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Hallie said...

> Everyone else may already know all about this, but until recently,
> I'd never heard of _Thursday_, by Catherine Storr - an old (1972)
> version of the Tam Lin story.  I really loved it - though Becca is
> finding it a bit annoyingly dated, and isn't really liking it all
> that much.  But those who like reading Tam Lin stories might be
> interested in keeping an eye out for it.

Never heard of it.  You must lend me!

> I couldn't read it all at the time, but I did notice your saying that
> _Red Shift_ was the only Tam Lin based story by a male author of
> which you knew.  Dorian mentioned Patrick Little's _The Hawthorn
> Tree_, which she said was another one, iirc.  (Still looking for it!)
> Maybe you could say whether I got that right, Dorian?

Not a straight retelling, but uses the ideas, and quotes at least "Thomas
the Rhymer" (possibly "Tam Lin" as well, but it's been so long since I've
read it).  Basically, the story is that the kids are being taught these
poems in school English class, and then the hero does something he shouldn't
have up at the old hawthorn tree (and we all know who hawthorn trees belong
to, don't we?!) and the fairies grab his girlfriend.  Our hero, with help
from his English teacher and a local elderly lady with whom he is friendly,
then has to do a Tam Lin to get her back.  Is a damn' good book, btw.

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