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Fri Jan 24 12:03:40 EST 2003

I LOVE books on tape--they make my long drive/commute bearable.  I'm
listening to the Two Towers right now (for the umpteenth time).  

Harry Potter on tape is wonderful, too.  I have listened to both the Jim
Dale versions of all the books (available here in the US) and the Stephen
Frye version of the first book (available in the UK or through  So far, I prefer Stephen Frye's reading.

I also love to listen to Bill Bryson read his own books.  I laughed so
hard at some of them that other drivers probably thought I was nuts.

Jackie S.

On Fri, 24 Jan 2003 09:38:17 -0700 Robyn Starkey <rohina at> writes:
> Hi All
> I don't know how many of you like to listen to talking books. I have 
> to 
> travel to work on a bus with a lot of noisy teenagers, and I was 
> finding it 
> hard to read, because of their loud conversations. So my clever 
> husband 
> suggested a walkman and book on tape as a solution. I have just 
> listened to 
> Sabriel read by Tim Curry, and I thought I would recommend it to you 
> all. 
> Some books work better than others on tape, I think, and this one 
> works 
> particularly well. Curry reads it well, without being too actory, 
> but still 
> putting a lot of excitement into the story, and the description 
> becomes 
> very vivid. I think it had an added dimension for me as the day I 
> listened 
> to the first few chapters it was snowing really hard, so those 
> descriptions 
> of Sabriel racing through the snow were more sensory.
> Robyn
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