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Fri Jan 24 04:45:22 EST 2003

Matters Tam Lin relatedIt's true, the article's mine - I'm glad someone found it out there in cyberspace. As a matter of fact I was led to Thursday only by Neil Philip's sidelong mention of it in A Fine Anger, but I like Storr's work generally. I always thought it was a strange coincidence that her best-known book, Marianne Dreams, was published the same year (1958) as Tom's Midnight Garden - they have an awful lot in common.

I haven't heard of The Hawthorn Tree. If it really is another children's Tam Lin book I'll certainly be trying to add it to my collection - complete, as I fondly thought. 

If you're into Tam Lin reworkings, you should check out the website I mentioned in my article if you don't know it already - it's really good.

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