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Thu Jan 23 14:46:25 EST 2003

Everyone else may already know all about this, but until recently, 
I'd never heard of _Thursday_, by Catherine Storr - an old (1972) 
version of the Tam Lin story.  I really loved it - though Becca is 
finding it a bit annoyingly dated, and isn't really liking it all 
that much.  But those who like reading Tam Lin stories might be 
interested in keeping an eye out for it.

Then, someone just posted a link about Alan Garner's _Red Shift_ 
(another Tam Lin story), and I toddled over to have a look.  It 
turned out to be by none other than our very own Charlie (see how 
quickly you're appropriated, Charlie!), and also has a lot about 
_Thursday_, as well as mentioning F&H, of course!

I couldn't read it all at the time, but I did notice your saying that 
_Red Shift_ was the only Tam Lin based story by a male author of 
which you knew.  Dorian mentioned Patrick Little's _The Hawthorn 
Tree_, which she said was another one, iirc.  (Still looking for it!) 
Maybe you could say whether I got that right, Dorian?


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