Obnoxious text attachments

hannibal at thegates.fsbusiness.co.uk hannibal at thegates.fsbusiness.co.uk
Thu Jan 23 04:55:17 EST 2003

> > And I don't apreciate it a bit.   Can these files, which appear to be 
> > graphics files, from their introduction, be posted somewhere so we can go and 
> > look at them, rather than have them automatically made into text attachments 
> > which are not readable, please?

Apologies to JOdel at aol.com and to anyone else who received garbage from my computer (you wouldn't be the first, as my editor would tell you). I won't do it again, promise. However, I'm afraid I don't have a webpage where I can post these things. One day I'll learn HTML and make one I guess, but just now I'm too busy raising a teenage daughter...


P.S. Last time I chewed a hard drive it tasted AWFUL.

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