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Thu Jan 23 03:42:55 EST 2003


>They are good, but they make me homesick!  (Born in Bristol, lived for years
>about 6 mi from Glastonbury)
>>  so this afternoon I went and took the Thornlady path picture, as promised.
>>  Okay, it's not professional quality, there's nothing very numinous about the
>>  street lights, and even the toll booth isn't particularly phantomly, but
>>  this is the very spot where Maree brought the traffic to a halt!
>Can't help thinking that if Maree had parked as neatly as that little blue
>hatchback, she'd never have met Rupert...

No no, they'd have met - it just wouldn't have been as entertainingly 
awful a meeting for us!  But - surely she must have stopped further 
on the bridge than the little blue hatchback?  And this picture is 
doubly relevant isn't it - with Polly's having walked out on the 
bridge when she was so miserable.  You wouldn't catch me on that 


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