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Margaret Ball margaret at
Wed Jan 22 23:54:50 EST 2003

>He was also in Iran when the Shah
>was overthrown in 1979. He said that it was quite
>scary before the coup
Funny coincidence- the woman who contributed "surviving a coup in a 
third world country:" to our list is Iranian. She was 10 years old at 
the time of the Shah's coup against Mossadegh. "What was it like?" 
"Well, my mom didn't like me looking out the window because they were 
beheading people in the street in front of our house."
She got out of there well before the '79 coup, though.

And no, you don't get double credit for raising two teenage daughters, 
not unless I do too!

Writing a dissertation was actually quite useful later on, because when 
I started trying to write novels there were all these solemn advice 
books that would warn, "Writing a novel will be the longest and hardest 
thing you've ever attempted in your life," and I'd think, "$#%$ no, it 
can't possibly compare with writing a dissertation and no editor can 
possibly be as evil as Professor P."

Margaret Ball

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