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I'm as interested in locations as is in people. DWJ is often quite vague
about where exactly she sets her books, even when a specific city is
mentioned. Any candidates for the setting of, say, Archer's Goon?

For what it's worth, here's my collection (only two so far!) of actual DWJ
locations - Glastonbury Tor (which is pretty clearly the basis of the Tor in
Time City) and the Bristol Suspension Bridge (Fire and Hemlock AND Deep
Secret). I haven't specifically got a photo of the little path by the bridge
which Maree climbs in her Thornlady dreams, though it does exist (it takes
you up to a 19th century 'observatory' with a camera obscura on top and a
cave below...). Watch this space!


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> Hi all
> Happy New Year!
> Catching up after a month's holiday...
> Jon said...
> > Maybe we could bring this thread back to DWJ bt
> > discussing a hypothetical film of a DWJ book. If you
> > had an unlimited budget to film one DWJ book, which
> > would it be (think about which would make the best
> > film - or which would you like to see visualised) and
> > who would you cast....
> Having just re-read Deep Secret, it's GOT to be the one! (Though I have a
> suspicion that with DWJ books, whichever one you have just finished
> would be The One. Except for Hexwood which a film wouldn't do justice to -
> would have to be a TV series).
> But Deep Secret feels very cinematic - the struggle to go Ayewards from
> Naywards worlds, the cliff-hanging sequence at the end of Rupert's
> I'll have to think a bit more about who I would have to act the major
> If it was 20 or 30 years ago I would have for Tansy-Ann Fisk the
> actress who played Edith in the Archie Bunker series.
> Suggestions welcome!
> Regards
> Elizabeth.
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