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Mon Jan 20 14:24:57 EST 2003

Ven wrote stuff, to which I *think* I'm about to reply, but it's 
starting to escape me.  Just about when you wrote this, it was my 
turn to be coming down with a flu (not of the GI variety, for which 
hearty thanks, but nasty enough all the same).  I do devoutly hope 
that coming down with nasty illnesses will not become a regular part 
of our disagreeing about books, Ven!

>I think she finally got lucky with her first
>marriage, as you say who knows what about her
>second. I've already forgotten the details of the
>programme but irrc while she was often hurt by
>the behaviour of those with whom she was
>infatuated she didn't seem to learn by it and she
>in turn was cruel to a woman who was infatuated
>with her.

See, that's part I've forgotten too.  I don't think I remember that 
she was that cruel to that woman, but as I can't remember the 
details, or even where I've got the biog., take that statement fwiw. 

>Hmmm I think you should read Mill on the Floss
>sometime so we can have a decent argument and I
>can pivart you! I'm tempted to leave that as it
>stands, but I should explain that Mr Pivart is a
>troublesome character in TMOM, at one point Mr
>Tulliver says "Pivart, I'll Pivart him!" so me
>and my friend Jerumy adopted it as a swearword,
>it does sound like one.

I like that!  It does require talking to people who get the ref 
unfortunately, otherwise it could become very popular.  And who 
doesn't want a bunch of good new swear words?  Not sure how high up 
on my to-be-read pile that puts MotF though...


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