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Mon Jan 20 14:20:57 EST 2003


>>  Speaking as the mother of a 16 y.o. who is a member of this list - 
>>*please* don't let's start talking about mother swaps.
>Oh, right, good point. Our own 16 y.o. announced the other day that 
>I was fired. (Forgot to give her an important letter for two days.) 
>After I stood there grinning for a while she finally clarified, "I 
>mean fired from Mom Privileges, not from Mom Duties!" No, we don't 
>want to give them the idea they can trade us in for more 
>satisfactory models, do we?

LOL.  I came across this just after reading your post (well, just 
after reading it and collapsing in my sick-bed) (no cause and effect 
implied).  From _Venus in Copper_, Lindsey Davis, one of the Falco 
mysteries set in ancient Rome:  "Under the Claudian scheme a woman 
who did so [fitted out a ship] would acquire the honours of a mother 
of four children: what *my* mother called the right to tear her hair 
in public and be treated to constant harassment."  :-)  It's amazing 
how some things don't change all that much, isn't it...

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