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Mon Jan 20 14:22:29 EST 2003


>  >Hmmm.  I just fail to see the appeal.  But it may be that I'm missing
>>a Brust gene, just as I lack a Robin McKinley one.  Probably not
>>fatal, though potentially crippling...
>Obviously not everyone can like everything.  For example, a lot of people
>here like the Liaden books, and they make me want to put a fork in my eye.

Wow.  That's some powerful literature there...   ;-)  Anyway.  I read 
the first of these ages ago, after an AlexLit recommendation (and a 
loan from Kylie <waves>), and really enjoyed it.  The second was a 
definite disappointment, but I was still very surprised by your 
(Melissa that is) occasional comments about how you hated the books. 
Never been able to find any more in order, so I picked up _Local 
Custom_ when I came across it.  While I was sick, I read it - or 
tried to read it.  Didn't get far.  Perhaps feeling like death warmed 
over already immunised me against any desire to stick forks into my 
person, but I can certainly see your feeling that it was a viable 
alternative to reading on.

But I managed to get through a fair number of books over the last 
week or so, for some of which, no doubt, I'll be back out of sync 


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