Best books 2002 (this one isn't horribly long)

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Sat Jan 18 04:51:58 EST 2003

On Saturday 18 Jan 2003 3:45 am, EmmaComerford at wrote:

> Most disappointing: this is a category that is hard to fill, as I feel
> terrible choosing good books for it, as it is really my own high
> expectations that have doomed them rather than  them being bad books. But I
> think this year "Ash: A secret history" may have been the winner, as so
> many on the list loved it and I liked the sound of it. But I found the
> modern sections irritating and the plot itself a little slow. But, that
> said, I'm still reading the series, I just was slightly disappointed in it.

Ash isn't really a series - it's one BIG novel (cut into four for US release).
The end throws new light on the earlier sections so, if you haven't finished
it yet, there's still room to change your mind. (I, alas, haven't finished my
one-volume UK copy, but I've sneaked peeps ahead and read what Mary
Gentle has said about it in rec.arts.sf.composition)

Must start keeping a books-read diary. Most of my 2002 reading was 
re-reading and, horror, I've read no entire books in 2003 at all. Enjoyed
_Diplomatic Immunity_ but it wasn't as powerful as _Memory_ or as
entertaining as _A Civil Campaign_. _Night Watch_ was marred only
by a slight tendency to over-preach. _The Leaky Establishment_ had
be laughing while terrified - is it *really* like that, argh!? 

Chris the Hedgehog
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