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On Thu, 16 Jan 2003 13:48:09 +1100, Sally Odgers wrote:

>> I'd want to know at what point you stopped reading, to see what "earlier"
>> means to you (important to know over a nearly-30-book series).
>I think I tried Guards! Guards! and Saucery! and maybe a very early one. I
>did read Johnny and the Bomb and quite enjoyed it, and I *love* Turntables
>of the Night, a short story.

That's a good point to begin from, actually, especially if you're looking
for something more like _Good Omens_.  Here's the miniseries from this point
on (and I've just labeled these according to their main characters):

Death: _Reaper Man_, _Soul Music_, _Hogfather_, _Thief of Time_

Guardsmen: _Men at Arms_, _Feet of Clay_, _Jingo_, _The Fifth Elephant_,
_Night Watch_

Three Witches: _Witches Abroad_, _Lords and Ladies_, _Maskerade_, _Carpe

Rincewind: _Interesting Times_, _The Last Continent_

Stand-alone books: _Moving Pictures_, _Small Gods_, **_The Truth_

**Technically _The Truth_ can be placed with the Guardsmen books, but the
story is really about someone else.

If you want to be really, really safe (meaning as close to _Good Omens_ as
possible), read the last book in each of these series and don't read any
Rincewind books.  If you want to be pretty safe, skip the first book in each
series.  If you feel like taking a chance on Pratchett, read them all.  :)
I like all of them, myself, but I'm biased.

Melissa Proffitt

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