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Melissa (probably) wrote

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>>That's right, because *I* am the nasty one, so 
I actually say what everyone
>>is thinking.  ;)
>>And Ven wouldn't be nearly so interesting if 
she didn't
>>have strong, well-articulated opinions.
>LOL.  So I ( that "I" represents whoever might 
be saying this of 
>course!) am Right.  You (Ven) have strong, 
well-articulated opinions, 
>and they are closed-minded bigots! ;-)

Wait, who's THEY again?  I lost track.  ;)  Oh, 
everyone else.  Gotcha.

Look, it wasn't me I never said any of it, right?
but I like the bit about my opinions.

>>I have a hard time imagining anyone *not* 
liking _The Phoenix Guards_, but
>>don't anyone take that as a criticism.  It's 
just that that is one of the
>>books that I took to immediately and 
wholeheartedly, and it was such a
>>pleasant experience for me, I sort of assumed 
that it would be a general

>Hmmm.  I just fail to see the appeal.  But it 
may be that I'm missing 
>a Brust gene, just as I lack a Robin McKinley 
one.  Probably not 
>fatal, though potentially crippling...>

If you decide to give him another try I believe
the omnibus of the first three Vlad Taltos novels
is still available and the next two books are
coming out in omnibus  soon. the series is not
written in order, however and some libertiies can
be taken with the order. Unlike TPG which is
deliberately written in a pseudo archaic style
(it owes as much to Rosencrantz and Guildernstern
are Dead as it does to it's obvious antecedant:
Dumas) the Vlad books are in a sort of informal,
hard boiled, wisecracking style. Hmm apart from
the one that isn't. Brust is a great tease, the
narrator is totally unreliable, so he is able to
keep all five aces up his sleeve. Anyhiow i won't
go on about it , though I suspect I already have.

I must share the good news, however, for Melissa
and the other Brust fans here, not only is the
Paths of the Dead out but the other two volumes
have been written and SKZB has got his publishers
to agree to a nine month schedule so the next one
is due out in July. Yay!

There has been a name change to the second vol.
originally The Enchantress of Dzur Mountain, it
is now Sethra Lavode, (who is the eponymous
enchantress). Apparently the folk who have to
sell the book to book shops and chains weren't
happy with having to pronounce Dzur. I think its
a pity, but I guess it's not a good idea to hurt


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