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Wed Jan 15 21:30:59 EST 2003

I said (about George Eliot)

>Yes, I felt pity too, and excruciating
>embarrassment at her infatuations and the fate 
>people infatuated with her. I did mean her
>relationshios with other people when I called 

and Hallie replied

<Well, she had a long stretch in what seems to 
have been an extremely 
happy relationship, so maybe it's best to ignore 
the unpromising 
start, and who knows about the short-lived 
marriage.  But whatever 
else, the woman wrote some of the most insightful

and poignant 
descriptions of relationships I've ever read.>

I think she finally got lucky with her first
marriage, as you say who knows what about her
second. I've already forgotten the details of the
programme but irrc while she was often hurt by
the behaviour of those with whom she was
infatuated she didn't seem to learn by it and she
in turn was cruel to a woman who was infatuated
with her.

Hmmm I think you should read Mill on the Floss
sometime so we can have a decent argument and I
can pivart you! I'm tempted to leave that as it
stands, but I should explain that Mr Pivart is a
troublesome character in TMOM, at one point Mr
Tulliver says "Pivart, I'll Pivart him!" so me
and my friend Jerumy adopted it as a swearword,
it does sound like one. 


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