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Sallyo asked...
> You're right, Robyn. I found his earlier books *too* consciously funny for
> my taste. It is just personal taste, but I've never really liked constant
> barrage type humour (Xanth annoys me too, and so does Mything Persons and
> its sequels). I prefer humour that's a bit less deliberate. The humour in
> Howl is exactly at my wavelength. I did like Good Omens though, and if the
> later Pratchett is at that sort of leve... well! Could you recommend some
> really good examples of the later titles?

I'm not Robyn, but I *am* a Pratchett fan.  I'd recommend his very latest,
"Night Watch", which isn't really a "funny book" at all, though it does have
humour, and is also just incredibly good.  It has time travel and assorted
musings about the nature of heroism and a revolution.  There's more in it
for those who've read the earlier "Watch" books (because you get to see a
bit of the past of several recurring characters), but I think a complete
newcomer could also enjoy it a lot.  (I don't *think* that's too

Other recent-ish ones I liked a lot include "Thief of Time" (already
mentioned on this list), which has martial time monks and Death's
granddaughter; "Hogfather" (much mythicness in a sort of Xmas setting); and
"The Truth" (newspapers come to the Discworld and wreak havoc).  Oh, and
"Carpe Jugulum" which is Pratchett's take on vampires.

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