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Robyn Starkey rohina at
Wed Jan 15 09:38:37 EST 2003

>I'm used to classes like that at secondary level, they
>sound very like our bottom year 7 class last year,
>however even there three of the boys read fiction
>(they discovered Artemis Fowl and loved it), a couple
>of others read quite a bit of non-fiction and the
>girls (only 4 in the class) discovered novels in verse
>form (starting with Steven Herrick - an Oz kid's
>author possibly not available O/S but highly
>recomended and working through everything we had.) The
>remaining half dozen read only magazines if anything.
>But - hey - these are 12 year olds none of whom will
>ever get to any form of tertiary education. Where your
>students doing degrees involving literature - or was
>your course mearly a fill in that they had to do in
>order to become engineers or PE teachers?

They are all doing this course to improve their marks enough to get into 
courses. So basically, they are people who didn't do all that well in 
school for whatever reason. I'm all for giving them this chance, but I find 
the course intensely frustrating. Having expressed all these academic 
goals, the students sit there like a bunch of puddings, resisting all 
requests and requirements for intellectual effort.


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