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On Wed, Jan 15, 2003 at 11:10:56AM +1100, Sally Odgers wrote:
> > What about Buffy and Angel?  She was 17, he had had a bicentennial some
> > forty-something years before.  And then there's Buffy and Spike...
> True, but I suspect they (like Nick Knight) remain the emotional age they
> (or their hosts???) were at death. How about Go'alds? Do they fall in love?

Well, we do know that Tok'ra (the "good" Gou'alds, if you like) do fall
in love, at least with each other (consider Martouf and Jolinar) and may
be attracted to humans, but I'm not sure if it goes further than
infatuation.  They do, after all, have the added complication of "two
people in one body" (since Tok'ra have more of a time-share arrangement
than a takeover deal, that's why they're "good") which means the two may
not always agree on who they find attractive...

I don't think the Go'alds proper are likely to fall in love, at least
not the powerful ones, because they're too obsessed with power.

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