F&H and Austen

Charles Butler hannibal at thegates.fsbusiness.co.uk
Wed Jan 15 03:52:59 EST 2003

Sally wrote:

> I suspect they (like Nick Knight) remain the emotional age they
> (or their hosts???) were at death.

One of the best explorations of this idea of 'staying the same age'
(physical and emotional) even though the years pass is Sylvia Waugh's _The
Mennyms_, part social satire, part existential treatise, part doll story a
la Rumer Godden, part 'hidden community' story a la Mary Norton. The sequels
are pretty good, but I really admire the way the first book follows through
the psychological as well as the practical ramifications of its premiss (a
family of life-size rag dolls trying to live without being noticed in a
provincial northern town).


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