Why _Wuthering Heights_ is so awfully awful (was Re: Best Books 2002)

Sally Odgers sodgers at tassie.net.au
Tue Jan 14 19:33:25 EST 2003

> > If it's Pratchett, then.... - hmmm. Wanna read Good Omens again.
> Sallyo, I was wondering, does this comment mean you have not read a lot of
*recent* Pratchett? I think his writing has changed heaps in the last 3 or 4
books, and I am recommending him strenuously to people who said they didn't
enjoy the earlier books.

You're right, Robyn. I found his earlier books *too* consciously funny for
my taste. It is just personal taste, but I've never really liked constant
barrage type humour (Xanth annoys me too, and so does Mything Persons and
its sequels). I prefer humour that's a bit less deliberate. The humour in
Howl is exactly at my wavelength. I did like Good Omens though, and if the
later Pratchett is at that sort of leve... well! Could you recommend some
really good examples of the later titles?


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