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>>That's right, because *I* am the nasty one, so I actually say what everyone
>>is thinking.  ;)
>>And Ven wouldn't be nearly so interesting if she didn't
>>have strong, well-articulated opinions.
>LOL.  So I ( that "I" represents whoever might be saying this of 
>course!) am Right.  You (Ven) have strong, well-articulated opinions, 
>and they are closed-minded bigots! ;-)

Wait, who's THEY again?  I lost track.  ;)  Oh, everyone else.  Gotcha.

>>>No, it just is NOT ok for me to say anything about what Brust might
>>>do to your brains, on the basis of one book!  So I won't.  (Even
>>>though Dorian agreed!)   Anyway, there'd be too many of you ganging
>>>up on me.  Although, with Melissa up packing...  ;-)
>>Cheater!  You knew you couldn't take the heat, huh?  :)
>D*mn straight!  I might not always be right, but my gift just might 
>be seeing things. Things like this,  which are as plain as the nose 
>on my face, at any rate).  :-)

I don't know.  Do you have a really obvious nose?  <ducking and running>

>>I have a hard time imagining anyone *not* liking _The Phoenix Guards_, but
>>don't anyone take that as a criticism.  It's just that that is one of the
>>books that I took to immediately and wholeheartedly, and it was such a
>>pleasant experience for me, I sort of assumed that it would be a general

>Hmmm.  I just fail to see the appeal.  But it may be that I'm missing 
>a Brust gene, just as I lack a Robin McKinley one.  Probably not 
>fatal, though potentially crippling...

Obviously not everyone can like everything.  For example, a lot of people
here like the Liaden books, and they make me want to put a fork in my eye.
That's definitely a gene I'm lacking.  But Ven made a good point that if you
didn't like _Phoenix Guards_ you might like some of his other books that
aren't so stylistically, um, stylistic.  The Vlad Taltos books are set in
the same universe, but they're completely different.  The thing I really
admire about Brust (which is not the same as why I enjoy his books) is that
he tries to stretch his abilities in every new book.  That's not a safe
thing for a successful author to do, and I think it's impressive.  It does
contribute to my enjoyment of the books, because I like good stylistic
fiddle-faddle (like the way the items of the laundry list which head each
chapter of _Teckla_ were caused by some event in that chapter).

Melissa Proffitt

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