F&H and Austen ( spoilers)

Sally Odgers sodgers at tassie.net.au
Tue Jan 14 19:04:38 EST 2003

course DWJ's  Homeward Bounder Jamie, anticipating the
> time when he'll visit Helen and find her an old woman though he'll still
> 13).

My book (ms, since it's just written) Replay concerns a couple of Saxon
teenagers of 14 and 16. They marry and are then launched into time (too
complicated to explain why) and meet once again each Century. The twist is
that they can never be older than their original ages but can be any age
below them. So in one "life" the boy is a baby and his wife 14, in another
they are only a year apart. I did consider having them able to be any age at
all, but the "never more than 14/16" won the day. It imposes different
situations as they move through the centuries, as they are classed as
"adults" in some lifetimes, but as dependent children in others. And they
never quite make it to total independence and can never amass  enough money
to travel back to Kent where the Replay Mode began.

It's my age-is-relative theory again, I suppose.


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