F&H and Austen ( spoilers)

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> On Tue, 14 Jan 2003, Charles Butler wrote:
> |Have you noticed that when DWJ occasionally shows women with much younger
> |men (eg.Laurel and the Witch in Howl) the rel'p is definitely shown to be
> |power-based and manipulative. No good can come of such a thing, at least
> |DWJ - or are there counterexamples?
> Howl and Sophie. ;)
> But it certainly is a trend.

Can we allow Howl and Sophie, seeing as how they only admit to their
feelings publicly once she's been properly rejuvenated and his 'seniority'

Relations between immortals and mortals, whether romantic or not, seem to
belong to a slightly different and necessarily melancholy category (as well
as Arwen I'm reminded of the first Highlander film - 'Who wants to live for
ever?' - and also of course DWJ's  Homeward Bounder Jamie, anticipating the
time when he'll visit Helen and find her an old woman though he'll still be

As for trends, there is a brief but relevant passage in the Merlin
Conspiracy (yes I've read it, har har, and you're in for a treat), in




when Nick first sees Roddy Hyde, he sees her as his own age - or maybe a bit
younger - and then decides he'd like her even if she were older than him,
because she's just 'his type'. This isn't quite the same as having the woman
as the older person in the relationship, but at least it accepts it as a


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