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>I asked Hallie which Steven Brust book failed to
>impress and she replied:
>Er.  Um.  Not a question of reminding anyone, as
>I don't think I ever
>mentioned it before here, but still can't
>remember myself.  Having
>had a bit of a root around on Amazon, I'm pretty
>sure it was _The
>Phoenix Guards_.  <Claps hands over ears to
>prevent self being
>deafened by chorus of people yelling how
>wonderful a book it is!>
>Ven, whispering, in the Phoenix Guards Brust is
>using a screen narrator, Paarfi, who some people
>do find it hard to take. It may be worth your
>while to try some of his other books that are not
>by Paarfi, and if you do you may later come to
>realise what a funnny and well crafted book the
>Phoenix Guards is. Or maybe not!

:-)  My ears thank you for the whispering.  I tried that one as 
people had raved about him here, and it was the only first of a 
series I could find, so no reason I wouldn't try another one on more 
ravings - er - recommendations.  Though I still find it hard to 
imagine myself "realising" that about _The Phoenix Guards_.  ;-)

>I also watched the biodocumentary on
>>Eliot and I'm afraid it just confirmed my
>>opinion. For an intelligent woman she could be
>>really obtuse,
>Well, can't we all? ;-)  I managed to miss both
>Daniel Deronda AND
>the bio thing, though I have read most of a
>biography - was there
>anything obtuse in particular that irked you?  I
>felt mostly a
>combination of awe at her intellect and pity for
>her lack of
>Yes, I felt pity too, and excruciating
>embarrassment at her infatuations and the fate of
>people infatuated with her. I did mean her
>relationshios with other people when I called her

Well, she had a long stretch in what seems to have been an extremely 
happy relationship, so maybe it's best to ignore the unpromising 
start, and who knows about the short-lived marriage.  But whatever 
else, the woman wrote some of the most insightful and poignant 
descriptions of relationships I've ever read.


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