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Tue Jan 14 17:05:39 EST 2003


>  >And *Melissa* said that!  Hallie would never accuse Ven of being
>>biased. ;-)  (Not half!)
>That's right, because *I* am the nasty one, so I actually say what everyone
>is thinking.  ;)
>And Ven wouldn't be nearly so interesting if she didn't
>have strong, well-articulated opinions.

LOL.  So I ( that "I" represents whoever might be saying this of 
course!) am Right.  You (Ven) have strong, well-articulated opinions, 
and they are closed-minded bigots! ;-)

>>No, it just is NOT ok for me to say anything about what Brust might
>>do to your brains, on the basis of one book!  So I won't.  (Even
>>though Dorian agreed!)   Anyway, there'd be too many of you ganging
>>up on me.  Although, with Melissa up packing...  ;-)
>Cheater!  You knew you couldn't take the heat, huh?  :)

D*mn straight!  I might not always be right, but my gift just might 
be seeing things. Things like this,  which are as plain as the nose 
on my face, at any rate).  :-)

>I have a hard time imagining anyone *not* liking _The Phoenix Guards_, but
>don't anyone take that as a criticism.  It's just that that is one of the
>books that I took to immediately and wholeheartedly, and it was such a
>pleasant experience for me, I sort of assumed that it would be a general

Hmmm.  I just fail to see the appeal.  But it may be that I'm missing 
a Brust gene, just as I lack a Robin McKinley one.  Probably not 
fatal, though potentially crippling...


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