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|> On the other hand, Xander and Anya is a positive relationship (as
|> opposed to Xander and Inca Mummy Girl, or Xander and Mantis Teacher).

possible spoilers for btvs seasons 6&7 alert

Well, positive in the sense that it's only crippled by the usual fatal
flaws of the Jossverse, and is currently over because Xander is a big
old moron.  But not crippled by age differences.  And their friendship
is good.

Like Tara and Will's relationsip, which was only crippled by Willow
being a dip, not by their being queer in a straight world.

As opposed to Buffy's with anyone, or, say, my potential discomfort with
the end of Year of the Griffin, which are relationships with issues
aside from indivduals' inability to cope.  not that I associate Elda
with Buffy in any way whatsovever.

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