F&H and Austen

Margaret Ball margaret at onr.com
Tue Jan 14 09:55:09 EST 2003

>There's a young man who has an aged goddess as a
>mistress in Peter Beagle's "The Folk of the Air"... I think she's - mostly -
I remember Sia as both benign and terrible, but the relationship was 
definitely presented as a Good Thing. And the "happy" ending has Farrell 
setting off in Madam Schumann-Heink to find Sia again, with no 
suggestion that this is not a good idea.

>And then there's Heinlein's Lazarus Long, who has Younger Women
>*and* Older Women.
Oh come now, you can't count Heinlein. Everything he wrote after 
Stranger involved some longlived guy who Had lots of women. Those books 
aren't about relationships, they're wish-fulfillment fantasies. (All 
right, all right, this is a sweeping overgeneralization and I admit it. 
But don't you think it's (generally speaking) true?)

Margaret Ball

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