Doing the reading (was: Best Books 2002)

Sally Odgers sodgers at
Tue Jan 14 09:00:42 EST 2003

> I think you win.  :)  Though now I'm expecting someone to pipe up with
> "Well, you think YOU had it tough--I had to chisel my dissertation on
> tablets in Linear A!" <g>
> Funny how nobody ever wanted a carbon copy for anything official when it
> such a useful technology.  The last time I had to use carbons was in an
> office where they wanted everything in triplicate, and although most of
> scheduling work was done on computer, the actual filing had to be done by
> the office flunky (me) on a really old typewriter that was possibly not
> electric.  Well, maybe it was.  But I think it was older than the ones I
> learned to type on.

You must be from the Paperpushers' Planet...


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