F&H and Austen

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Tue Jan 14 07:10:10 EST 2003

Spoilers for Crown of Dalemark

Christian wrote:
> >well, to rein this back into DWJ, what about ammit and 
> maewen, eh? talk about an age disparity -- AND she's a kid! gasp. =)
Melissa wrote:
> At least they started out the same age.  I still find it 
> stretching belief that he would still want her after all that 
> time...they must be soulmates or something.  :)

This is one of the most ambiguous dwj endings, I think. It looked like a
happy ending to me when I was a teenager and thought that True Love could
Conquer All. Mitt's alive! That's all that matters! 
She's only lived through a couple of hours and is still thinking of him as
the same age as her. He's been married to someone else, has presumably had
200 years to build Maewen up in his mind as the Perfect Woman, and is
probably pretty lonely as well. (At least he has the sense to realise that
14 is too young, but is 16 really going to be any better?) I suspect what
happens when she finds him is going to be miserable. 
(But then I think Romeo and Juliet would have had a huge row in the first
week, he would have found another Capulet girl to moon after and she would
have got off with Mercutio.)
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