Doing the reading (was: Best Books 2002)

hallieod at hallieod at
Tue Jan 14 01:59:58 EST 2003

>Would your girls like to swap mothers with me?  Mine doesn't read 
>sf/fantasy but likes to engage in banal talk.  I'd much rather live 
>with a sf/f/DWJ fan that recognizes some forms of discussion as 
>being banal.  *grin*
>Hmm. Do you think we could do a complete relative swap? My own 
>mother likes to spend hours explaining to people how she simply 
>could not get into Tolkien's trilogy because it was so far beneath 
>her intellectual and literary standards. So if we're giving away 
>relatives, I'd like to put her on the list too <g>.

Here - hang on a minute!  Speaking as the mother of a 16 y.o. who is 
a member of this list - *please* don't let's start talking about 
mother swaps. ;-)  (Mind you, as she does (obviously) read DWJ, she 
knows what a bad mother really is.)


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