Why _Wuthering Heights_ is so awfully awful (was Re: Best Books 2002)

hallieod at indigo.ie hallieod at indigo.ie
Tue Jan 14 01:57:08 EST 2003


>>|(who is, by the way, INCENSED that you people had the nerve to stuff my
>>|mailbox full of messages while I was gone, after this list was dead quiet
>>|for so long.  Do you think I have nothing better to do after vacation than
>>|sit around reading interesting conversations for hours?  I do have books to
>>|read, you know.  Laundry to do, dishes to wash, children to teach, etc.  I
>>|bet you all sat around waiting for me to walk away from the computer and
>>|then set to typing with merry abandon.  Bah humbug.)
>>Darn it, guys, she caught us!
>You seem to have forgotten Rule Two:  "Melissa is a Genius And Allways


>Melissa (yawn) Proffitt,
>going to bed now

Hallie - writing before morning tea, and who will have no electricity 
all day so can't be reached!

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