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Ven vendersleighc at
Mon Jan 13 20:14:38 EST 2003

I asked Hallie which Steven Brust book failed to
impress and she replied:

Er.  Um.  Not a question of reminding anyone, as 
I don't think I ever 
mentioned it before here, but still can't 
remember myself.  Having 
had a bit of a root around on Amazon, I'm pretty 
sure it was _The 
Phoenix Guards_.  <Claps hands over ears to 
prevent self being 
deafened by chorus of people yelling how 
wonderful a book it is!>

Ven, whispering, in the Phoenix Guards Brust is
using a screen narrator, Paarfi, who some people
do find it hard to take. It may be worth your
while to try some of his other books that are not
by Paarfi, and if you do you may later come to
realise what a funnny and well crafted book the
Phoenix Guards is. Or maybe not!

I also watched the biodocumentary on
>Eliot and I'm afraid it just confirmed my
>opinion. For an intelligent woman she could be
>really obtuse,

Well, can't we all? ;-)  I managed to miss both 
Daniel Deronda AND 
the bio thing, though I have read most of a 
biography - was there 
anything obtuse in particular that irked you?  I 
felt mostly a 
combination of awe at her intellect and pity for 
her lack of 

Yes, I felt pity too, and excruciating
embarrassment at her infatuations and the fate of
people infatuated with her. I did mean her
relationshios with other people when I called her


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