Doing the reading (was: Best Books 2002)

Denise DeGraf mustang at
Mon Jan 13 19:44:41 EST 2003

Margaret Ball danced around singing:
>And neither one of them has any interest in my extensive collection of DWJ 
>books. <Sigh>. In fact, neither of them reads sf/fantasy at all. So much 
>for parental power to warp young minds. Hah.

Would your girls like to swap mothers with me?  Mine doesn't read 
sf/fantasy but likes to engage in banal talk.  I'd much rather live with a 
sf/f/DWJ fan that recognizes some forms of discussion as being banal.  *grin*

Denise DeGraf ~~
"You're down as expendable.  You don't get a weapon."
    -- Diana Wynne Jones (Dark Lord of Derkholm) 

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