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Mon Jan 13 18:49:48 EST 2003

On Mon, 13 Jan 2003 16:58:30 -0600, Margaret Ball wrote:

>>The only story I have about people getting snippy about proofreading errors
>>is kind of a ridiculous one.  My first semester at college, I was using an
>>old Apple IIc computer (this was in 1990) and of course there were no
>>printers readily available.  But I had a friend who also had a IIc and her
>>own printer, so I used to trot up to her dorm to print my stuff. 
>Oh, poor you! <g>
> Back in the times when dinosaurs roamed the earth, I TYPED my 
>dissertation. Twice, since the university required two copies and 
>carbons weren't acceptable. (If anybody on the list doesn't know what 
>carbon copies are, write to me and I'll tell them what we used back when 
>the world was new.)

I think you win.  :)  Though now I'm expecting someone to pipe up with
"Well, you think YOU had it tough--I had to chisel my dissertation on stone
tablets in Linear A!" <g>

Funny how nobody ever wanted a carbon copy for anything official when it was
such a useful technology.  The last time I had to use carbons was in an
office where they wanted everything in triplicate, and although most of the
scheduling work was done on computer, the actual filing had to be done by
the office flunky (me) on a really old typewriter that was possibly not even
electric.  Well, maybe it was.  But I think it was older than the ones I
learned to type on.

On my trip back home last weekend I stopped to visit with a friend whose
husband is as much a computer geek as mine is.  We were all reminiscing
about the Old Days before real technology (yes, envision a bunch of
thirty-somethings cackling like old crones) and I remembered that in high
school, I would write my essays out in *longhand* twice--once for the rough
draft and once for the fair copy.  It was agonizing work.  I can't even
imagine doing so now.

Melissa Proffitt

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