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Melissa Proffitt Melissa at
Mon Jan 13 14:00:02 EST 2003

I'm glad Hallie and Ven managed to sort out who said what, because I can't
remember what I said either.  Ven, I hope you're getting better!

On Mon, 6 Jan 2003 21:45:06 +0000, hallieod at wrote:

>>and Melissa (rightly) said
>>>I only know Ven who *doesn't* like it. ;-)
>Nononono!  *Hallie* said that....

>>leading Hallie to say
>>Ven is biased.  :)  (Poke poke, where are you
>And *Melissa* said that!  Hallie would never accuse Ven of being 
>biased. ;-)  (Not half!)

That's right, because *I* am the nasty one, so I actually say what everyone
is thinking.  ;)  And Ven wouldn't be nearly so interesting if she didn't
have strong, well-articulated opinions.

>>Please picture Ven as irascible bear poking her
>>head up through the snow: I've been doing my best
>>to hibernate with my head in a book, well several
>>books. I'm not sure if it's a result or a cause
>>but my head's a shed and I can't remember
>>anything I read more than a month ago...........
>>I've been in Brust's Dragaera, mostly, for the
>>last few weeks which is enough to disorder
>>anyone's brains.

I would think it would be perfect for a sick person.  I bet I read _Jhereg_
at least twenty times when I was a teenager...not always because I was sick.
I was thinking I should reread _Issola_ sometime soon.

>No, it just is NOT ok for me to say anything about what Brust might 
>do to your brains, on the basis of one book!  So I won't.  (Even 
>though Dorian agreed!)   Anyway, there'd be too many of you ganging 
>up on me.  Although, with Melissa up packing...  ;-)

Cheater!  You knew you couldn't take the heat, huh?  :)  Though I cannot,
CANNOT believe that _Paths of the Dead_ came out without me noticing.  I
stopped looking for a release date when my usual sources didn't seem to have
anything (other than that it would be Soon) and lumped it in with whatever
Connie Willis is writing now. But I still imagined that I would have some
kind of gut feeling about it.  Now I've spent all my book money.  Maybe a
friend will get it for me for my birthday this month....

I have a hard time imagining anyone *not* liking _The Phoenix Guards_, but
don't anyone take that as a criticism.  It's just that that is one of the
books that I took to immediately and wholeheartedly, and it was such a
pleasant experience for me, I sort of assumed that it would be a general

Melissa Proffitt

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