Why _Wuthering Heights_ is so awfully awful (was Re: Best Books 2002)

Melissa Proffitt Melissa at Proffitt.com
Mon Jan 13 02:56:04 EST 2003

On Tue, 07 Jan 2003 01:01:02 -0700, Robyn Starkey wrote:

>> I hated _Wuthering Heights_, but I hated it
>>honestly--by having read it, gagged, and thrown it violently at the wall a
>>couple of times.
>>Okay, now I have to finish packing.  Ugh.
>No, no no!!!! You have to say WHY you hated WH. Was it the puppy hanging 
>thing like Nicola Marlow?
>I really liked it as a book to *write on* in 2nd year lit, but I don't know 
>if I would like it as a read for pleasure.

The Reason I Hated _Wuthering Heights_, by Melissa Proffitt

The stupid book was billed as one of the great love stories of all time.
Hooray, think I, I love those kind of stories, they are my most favoritest
ever.  Big nasty slap in the face.  This is not a love story, this is two
dysfunctional people who have nothing better to do than screw each other up
and then imagine they are really truly in love.  Pah.  I spit upon their
silly heads.

Had I not been so dreadfully misinformed, I'm sure I wouldn't have hated it
at all.  Probably wouldn't have *loved* it, but not hated it.  I did okay
with Virginia Woolf's _The Waves_ which is just chock full of dysfunctional
goodness (badness?) and yet could never be mistaken for a romance.  So there
you go.  The End.

Melissa Proffitt

(who is, by the way, INCENSED that you people had the nerve to stuff my
mailbox full of messages while I was gone, after this list was dead quiet
for so long.  Do you think I have nothing better to do after vacation than
sit around reading interesting conversations for hours?  I do have books to
read, you know.  Laundry to do, dishes to wash, children to teach, etc.  I
bet you all sat around waiting for me to walk away from the computer and
then set to typing with merry abandon.  Bah humbug.)

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