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>I misattributed Hallie and Melissa


>i offer profuse apologies. Actually, little did I
>know that within a few hours I was going to be
>struck down for  a second time by the lovely new
>winter vomiting virus that appeared a couple of
>years ago. It's horrible and  I'm going to  blame
>it for any errors I might have made on Monday
>night because i have to get something out of the

Poor you!  From what I've heard of it, one dose is enough to pay off 
most cosmic debts for a good few years - not to mention two in a row! 
Anyway, no apologies were needed one way or other.


>No, it just is NOT ok for me to say anything
>about what Brust might
>do to your brains, on the basis of one book!  So
>I won't.  (Even
>though Dorian agreed!)   Anyway, there'd be too
>many of you ganging
>up on me.  Although, with Melissa up packing... 
>Just remind me which book it was, I won't say
>anything, honest.....

Er.  Um.  Not a question of reminding anyone, as I don't think I ever 
mentioned it before here, but still can't remember myself.  Having 
had a bit of a root around on Amazon, I'm pretty sure it was _The 
Phoenix Guards_.  <Claps hands over ears to prevent self being 
deafened by chorus of people yelling how wonderful a book it is!>

>Vitriol perfectly acceptable with respect to
>Mill, as I've never read
>it.  But how could anyone not stick the telly
>version of Middlemarch,
>which had Rufus Sewell in it?!?  No accounting
>for tastes.
>Oh watching would have been allright, listening
>was the problem. I did manage to see Daniel
>Deronda though, and very pretty he/damn I meant
>IT/ was. I also watched the biodocumentary on
>Eliot and I'm afraid it just confirmed my
>opinion. For an intelligent woman she could be
>really obtuse,

Well, can't we all? ;-)  I managed to miss both Daniel Deronda AND 
the bio thing, though I have read most of a biography - was there 
anything obtuse in particular that irked you?  I felt mostly a 
combination of awe at her intellect and pity for her lack of 


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