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On Fri, 10 Jan 2003, Denise DeGraf wrote:

|hallieod at danced around singing:
|>3,000 pages per *week*???  That's insane!  How on earth is anyone supposed
|>to think about what they've read, even if they could manage to read
|>it?  And why set a reading load no one can realistically cope with?
|I've been wondering the same since I got there.  The problem is that each
|prof tries to jam through several hundred pages each week -- usually the
|main text plus handouts -- and when you get 4-5 classes worth of that, the
|overall reading load quickly becomes ridiculous.

In my young adult realistic fiction course in my master's program, I
think we calculated that we had something like 86 books to read for a 13
week semester.  Note that most of us in the program worked, although I
may have been the only person in that class who worked full-time.  On
the one hand, most of these books were YA.  On the other hand, The Color
Purple and Coffee Will Make You Black are not exactly quick reads.  I
never did a page count.

ObDWJ (okay, this one is pretty forced): that same semester I was
foolish enough to work full-time and take two master's classes, instead
of just one.  My other class was Fantasy, which I expected to love;
after all, children's and young adult fantasy is My Thing.  But the
class was taught as a survey for those ignorant of the field, and I
didn't have a particularly good time.  The professor has now changed,
however, and that same course at my program is now taught by the woman
who later advised my thesis, on DWJ, and I believe she has some DWJ on
the syllabus . (I told y'all it was forced.)

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