F&H and Austen

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> > In an ideal world yes, but in the world of F&H he'd have been at the
> > of Laurel's pool long before Polly's finals. Or would her platonic
> > friendship have been enough to save him? "Tam Lin"'s line about saving
> > 'true love' suggests otherwise...

Who said anything about platonic friendship? If she loves him she loves him. 
But the way I read the ending – and I admit it's confusing – they're deeply 
troubled by the fact that she can only save him by giving him up, and they 
manage to find a loophole in that. So I don't see why postponing that 
loophole would make a difference.

And besides, constructing a book so that a teenage kid has to get together 
with a man nearly twice her age for the happy ending to work is shady in 
itself. If that's the way the F&H world works, then that's a problem with 
the F&H world, isn't it?

>Why wouldn't she go to university anyway? And (shame on me) I don't 
>what Polly was planning to do as a profession. Was university necessary for

I used "university" more as a question of age and experience than as a 
factual thing. I could have said "after she's been five years in a 
profession", if that would have been more clear.


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