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Ven vendersleighc at
Thu Jan 9 22:01:05 EST 2003

I misattributed Hallie and Melissa

>Hallie said
>>   >And finally, (well, finally that I can 
>of for now) _Northanger
>>>>Abbey_ gets the Most Improved by Studying It
>award for this year
>>>>(loved it already, though it was never my
>favourite Austen, love it
>>>>much more now)
>>>I loved it because part of me is still
>Catherine, to my embarrassment.  I
>>>don't know anyone else who likes it, though.
>and Melissa (rightly) said
>>I only know Ven who *doesn't* like it. ;-)

and Hallie
Nononono!  *Hallie* said that....>

i offer profuse apologies. Actually, little did I
know that within a few hours I was going to be
struck down for  a second time by the lovely new
winter vomiting virus that appeared a couple of
years ago. It's horrible and  I'm going to  blame
it for any errors I might have made on Monday
night because i have to get something out of the

>leading Hallie to say
>Ven is biased.  :)  (Poke poke, where are you

And *Melissa* said that!  Hallie would never 
accuse Ven of being 
biased. ;-)  (Not half!)

Heh heh

>Please picture Ven as irascible bear poking her
>head up through the snow: I've been doing my 
>to hibernate with my head in a book, well 
>books. I'm not sure if it's a result or a cause
>but my head's a shed and I can't remember
>anything I read more than a month ago...........
>I've been in Brust's Dragaera, mostly, for the
>last few weeks which is enough to disorder
>anyone's brains.

No, it just is NOT ok for me to say anything 
about what Brust might 
do to your brains, on the basis of one book!  So 
I won't.  (Even 
though Dorian agreed!)   Anyway, there'd be too 
many of you ganging 
up on me.  Although, with Melissa up packing...  

Just remind me which book it was, I won't say
anything, honest.....

>Then Hallie said:
>>>   and _Middlemarch_... I don't know what 
>it gets.
>>>But it's definitely a favourite of some kind. 
>And I'm still planning
>>>to inflict a F&H/Middlemarch comparison on the
>list some day, as the
>>>idea just won't go away, no matter how much I
>ignore it.
>Oops I've fallen out of Middlemarch twice and
>couldn't stick with the telly version. What's
>more where I dislike Austen I'm positively
>vitriolic about Eliot in relation to Mill on the
>Floss (an A level text)........

Vitriol perfectly acceptable with respect to 
Mill, as I've never read 
it.  But how could anyone not stick the telly 
version of Middlemarch, 
which had Rufus Sewell in it?!?  No accounting 
for tastes.

Oh watching would have been allright, listening
was the problem. I did manage to see Daniel
Deronda though, and very pretty he/damn I meant
IT/ was. I also watched the biodocumentary on
Eliot and I'm afraid it just confirmed my
opinion. For an intelligent woman she could be
really obtuse, which neatly brings me round to
objection one to TMotF -- it's just one idiot
plot after another! 


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