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Hello Everyone

I'm a long-term occasional lurker on this list who's decided (inspired by
the purchase of a new PC able to cope with all those long posts - it's even
got a CD-ROM drive, which my old one didn't) to join up properly.

Perhaps I'd better introduce myself, or at least my DWJ credentials. Like
everyone else, I start as a fan, though unlike many people on this list I
haven't yet read all the books (none of the Dalemarks, to my shame...). With
my academic hat on I wrote an essay for "An Exciting and Exacting Wisdom". I
did an interview with her too: I teach a course on children's fantasy
literature at the University of the West of England here in Bristol, and it
seemed only natural to ask her - she lives about a mile from my house. But
no, I didn't move to Bristol just to be near! At the moment I'm writing a
book about her, Alan Garner, Susan Cooper and Penelope Lively, though I
haven't got too far yet. Ask me again in 2005.

On the subject of skipping lectures and empty lecture halls, I was reminded
of what she said in that interview (but I think elsewhere too) about
Tolkien's lecturing style

"You couldn't hear him lecture. He worked at not letting you hear, because
he wanted to go away and finish writing The Lord of the Rings. So he had the
very smallest lecture room. First of all it was packed out, so he spoke with
his back to the audience and mumbling. Unfortunately he was talking about -
meditating on, really - what a plot is like and how it mutates into other
plots, and this I found so fascinating that I went back the next week, as
did one other person. And this meant that he couldn't stop lecturing and
still get the money, which apparently in those days you could if no one
turned up - it was a dreadful racket, really."

This seems quite an extreme example of the lectures being worse than the
same person's books.

Charlie Butler

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> On Wed, Jan 08, 2003 at 02:03:09PM -0800, Jon Noble wrote:
> > While on the topic of avoiding the reading, I only got
> > through Economics at Uni by skipping the lectures, but
> > I did do the reading. No one who attended the lectures
> > passed, and the books i read were by the lecturer!
> How strange.  There was only once course I did where I was actually
> naughty enough to skip lectures, and that was because the book was *so
> much* better than the lecturer I decided I would be better off just
> reading the textbook -- and I was.
> > boyfriend up the back and fell asleep. On the other
> > hand I nearly failed teacher's college becasue of
> > skipping lectures. They were compulsory and the
> > lecturer had to do my final assessment - he knew I
> > hadn't attended because no-one attended after the
> > first two. On his third lecture he had an empty hall.
> LOL!
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